5 Things I Learned From the Zone Diet

In my last post, I wrote about what I learned from the Keto/Atkins diet.  Today, I’ll share with you what I learned from the Zone diet.
Fast forward a few years to the late-90s – I made a commitment to lose some weight and get in shape.  I started going to a ladies-only gym and worked with a trainer.  He introduced me to the Zone diet.
This time, I did my homework.  I bought the book, I calculated my blocks and I got to work.  I dropped about 30 pounds in the process.  I didn’t feel deprived, my energy levels improved and I was  gaining self confidence.
Unfortunately, my increased self confidence didn’t go over well at home and an already uncomfortable home life started getting increasingly worse.
As with yesterday, here are my key takeaways from my experience:
  1.  I learned that I had to pay attention to what I was eating.
  2.  I learned that I had to plan ahead.
  3.  I learned that I had to be consistent.
  4.  I learned that I needed to exercise regularly.
  5.  I learned that I am much easier to get along with when I have enough carbs AND a well balanced diet.
Looks pretty familiar, right?  Did I gain the weight back?  Yes, but there were some extenuating circumstances that I’ll tell you about in my next post.

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